Performance Dashboard / प्रदर्शन डैशबोर्ड


Approved ShareTransfer
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Pending ShareTransfer


Total Registered Flats


Total Registered Scoiety with Family ID (Privar Pehchan Patra)

Status Enquiry of Co-operative Society / सहकरिता संस्था की स्थिति जाँच

Scope of the Application / अनुप्रयोग का दायरा

Add new cooperative societies

Any aspiring applicant of setting up new cooperative shall register themselves and apply online to respective Assistant Registrar of Cooperative Societies (ARCS).

The corresponding Forms need to be filled and download the pdf copy. The downloaded pdf needs to be signed and uploaded.

The Bye laws needs to be scanned and uploaded.

All processes are Work-Flow and Role Based

Any online application shall reach the respective ARCS. ARCS forwards them to Inspector for physical verification.

Inspector after verification shall forward back to ARCS.

Finalization / Rejection by the ARCS

Handling of Legacy Records

Already registered Cooperative societies can update their details. Login ID and Password generated from the application was provided to the societies

Monitoring of Quasi Judicial Cases

The action taken and discretion exercised by public administrative agencies or bodies that are obliged to investigate or ascertain facts and draw conclusions from them as the foundation for official actions.
Quasi-judicial activity is limited to the issues that concern the particular administrative agency. For example, the REGISTRAR COOPERATIVE SOCIETIES may resolve disputes on issues concerning SOCIAL SECURITY contributions and benefits.

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